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18 - 29 March 2019
ISS Spring School 2019 promises to be a journey of
discovery and fun with English (as a second language).
We will uncover techniques to help you improve your English skills at ISS Spring School
and this will keep you invigorated and renewed!

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Delightful Spring Journeys

This 1 or 2-week intensive English language offering is geared towards equipping you with a foundation to help your reading, listening and speaking skills. At the end of Spring, you will be a more confident English language student.

Kindergarten 1 to Grade 2
Grades 3 to 5
Grades 6 to 10
English Discovery Programme made fun, from Kindergarten 1 to Grade 10

Language Discovery courses from Kindergarten 1 to Grade 10 will focus on helping you explore new ways that language can help you communicate and express yourself effectively. The ELL (English Language Learner, same as English as a Second Language) courses are suitable for students who are acquiring English and hope to build stronger reading and speaking abilities.

We are committed to helping you improve your English language skills.